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Embrace Your Healing Journey 

Empower Yourself - Enhance Your Health

Transform, Reset, and Discover
How to Manage Your Energy 
Experience transformations to:
suffering caused from pain, anxiety,
or "empty" feelings
stress to gain clarity, vitality, and inner peace
a sense of safety and resilience 

YOUR energy impacts everything and when we work together you learn how to bring your energy back into balance.  

What do I mean by energy?

Click here to find out.   

By addressing core issues and releasing the root cause,

you heal on a deep cellular level.   

The quest to heal will reveal   


into the limiting beliefs and patterns, which are unconsciously determining your life

moving you to improved health and a new way of being in relationship with yourself and those around you.

Ways To Diffuse Stressful Situations

in Your Life

making you feel like you are in a perpetual revolving door of emotions or circumstances.

Resistence To What Is

Establish a new set-point for lasting change!

My philosophy is simple:

Healing is the process of  becoming whole. To become whole requires negotiating self-compassion and

self-endurance in the face of life's challenges and transitions.

It requires quieting the accusatory mental chatter with understanding compassion and gentle conversations with the

Inner Critic.  As we do so, we naturally nourish our Life Force, and as a result, we move toward improved health and greater stability.

Barbara, New York

I was struggling with the loss

of my grandson, feeling disconnected and weight gain.

Nora, New York

The pain that I had been carrying around all these years slowly lifted away.

Liz, New York

Having a private

non-judgmental conversation with honesty is rare and I value it and our time together.


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